Over the past few months there has been worldwide shortage of disposable surgical face masks.

Some of our customers have been hard at work designing and manufacturing Non-Surgical face-masks and providing a much needed protection for people wishing to purchase these masks. There are quite a few designs and patterns to choose from with masks that cover your face and neck, some that have respirator type inserts that are 3D printed with an N95 Type filter, to the traditional mask that covers your nose and mouth. Which ever type, these all offer some level of protection not only for yourself but for others around you.

 In the US, the CDC has encouraged everyone that is out and about to wear a face mask which reduces the risk of the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

We have been supplying some of our fabrics for mask production, most of these masks are multi-layer with the outer face having some eye-catching designs. The inner face is usually from a fine, breathable, softer fabric which doesn’t feel too harsh on the skin. Some also have a pocket for the N95 filter made from hot-melt blown PP. For the respirator type masks, the outer face can be from a water repellent type fabric as the respirator insert allows you to breathe unhindered.


– Durability: One of the key benefits of polyester fibre is its strength which translates to excellent durability and is able to withstand regular wear and multiple washes.

– Dry-wicking fabric: Polyester fabric boasts low moisture regain (MR) properties, where it is able to absorb moisture but instead of retaining it, it evaporates quickly leaving the garment dry.

– Lightweight: The lightweight nature of Polyester fabric is another reason it’s used in activewear.

– Wrinkle and Shrink Resistant: Polyester has a relatively low shrink threshold and will hold its shape even after multiple washes.

– Easy care: Polyester fabrics are 100% Machine washable and dry-able, it is advisable to hot iron the mask after washing and spray with a 70% Alcohol based sanitiser and dry before re-use.

Recyclable: Polyester is 100% Recyclable 

We don’t guarantee protection against COVOD-19 virus. Polyester fabric masks are not as effective as respirators such as the N95 or FFP masks.

However, it does offer  some level of protection.